2019 Philippine Divorce Bill Update

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Today, I talk all about the Philippine Divorce Bill.

I discuss the current status of the bill.

I also provide an in-depth look at the differences between the two versions now filed.

Lastly, I discuss current options available to divorce and the impact Philippine divorce would have on the legal landscape.

Will the 2019 Philippine Divorce Bill pass?

As of my writing, the Divorce bill has now been filed in the Senate and has also been passed by the House of Representatives.

The Divorce Bill has never come this far.

However, the Bill must be passed by the Senate before June 2019 or the Bill runs the risk of having to run through the entire senate legislative process again before it becomes law.

A Bill goes through several steps to become law in the Philippines.

First, it must be filed and read three times in the House of Representatives.

Second, it must be filed and read three times in the Senate.

Third, the differences in the Senate version and the House version must be reconciled by a bicameral committee.

Lastly, it becomes law (at last!) if it is not vetoed by the President.

2018 was a historical year for Philippine Divorce.

It was the first time a divorce bill had passed in the House.

In 2019, the Senate took its first tentative steps towards passing the bill when Senator Risa Hontiveros filed the Divorce Bill in the Senate.

As of this writing, the bill must now be read and approved 3 times for the second major hurdle to be passed.

With the Senate’s current term ending in June 2019, there is very little time for the Bill to be passed. The moment a new Senate comes into power, the Bill may not start at its current status but instead have to be presented as if for the first time.

At the moment, these Bills are not yet law.

What will the final Divorce Bill look like?

The final divorce bill will be taken from the approved House version and the approved Senate version.

The difference of the two versions will be reconciled by the a bi-cameral committee.

As such, it is important to know what the House and the Senate versions contain to have an idea of what the final Divorce bill will look like.

The below compares approved House version HB 7303 and the filed Senate version SB 2134.

What are the grounds for divorce of the 2 Bills?

Both the Senate and the House versions include the grounds under Art 45 for legal separation, Art 45 for annulment, Art 36 for annulment under psychological incapacity with minor modifications.

In addition, the following new grounds have been added:

  • When the parties have been legally separated for more than 2 years
  • When the parties have been separated for more than 5 years and reconciliation is highly improbable
  • Irreconcilable differences.

The Senate version also includes:

  • Section 5 of RA 9292 Anti-Violence against women and children
  • If the respondent spouse raped the petitioner spouse before marriage
  • When one of the spouses has been sentenced under RA 9995 or RA 9775 or RA 9262 or has had a permanent protection order issued under RA 9262

The House version:

  • Includes gender reassignment surgery as a ground

The grounds for divorce have been widened to reflect common reasons why a marriage doesn’t work out such as physical separation, violence, substance abuse, homosexuality, irreconcilable differences and infidelity.

In the current legal environment, a validly celebrated marriage can only end through psychological incapacity.

Psychological incapacity is difficult to prove.

It includes such grounds as physical separation, violence, substance abuse and infidelity among others but is the sum of the evidence insofar as it indicates the incapacity of one spouse to comply with the requisites of marriage with regard to the other. It must have already been present before the marriage.

As such, some 5% of all annulment cases are denied should the judge or the public prosecutor deem the evidence insufficient to indicate psychological incapacity.

What is the procedure when filing for divorce?

Both bills have the following similarities procedurally:

  • The current process for filing legal separation, annulment or void marriages shall apply to the divorce process as much as possible.
  • Joint filing is possible but the house and senate versions recognize different grounds for it
  • Joint filings must be accompanied by a plan for joint parenthood.
  • Creditors are listed and named in the proceeding.
  • OFWs will be prioritized so that the reception of evidence is not more than 2 days.
  • Both bills allow pending cases for annulment, legal separation or nullification to be converted to divorce.

The Senate version differs in that:

  • Joint filing is only possible for those legally separated for at least 2 years, those that have been separated for 5 years with reconciliation unlikely, and those that file under irreconcilable differences.
  • Court assisted petitioners are indigents which are currently defined by the PAO as those who have less than a monthly income of P14,000 in metro manila, P13,000 in other cities, and P12,000 in other locations.
  • A mandatory 6 month cooling off period is required when filing for irreconcilable differences.

The House version on the other hand states:

  • Joint filing is available for all the grounds and courts will ensure enforcement of the joint plan for parenthood.
  • Court assisted petitioner or those with less than P5M singly or jointly will have no filing fees or other fees and will be assigned a public attorney.
  • A mandatory 6 month cooling off period is required for all cases, except for cases filed using when the grounds are that there has been separation of 5 years, a bigamous marriage, a legal separation of 2 years, when one of the spouses has been sentenced to imprisonment for 6 years, when there has been sex reassignment surgery or when there has been violence under RA 9262.
  • The grounds against the grant of legal separation, annulment and nullification can also be used to deny the divorce request.
  • Divorce is to be filed within 5 years from the accrual of the cause of action.

As you can see there are substantial differences between the 2 versions.

Joint filing in the Senate version is limited to just 3 grounds while the house accepts joint filing for all grounds.

In addition, the House states that the courts will ensure enforcement of the parenthood plan. This might be difficult due to the volume that the courts might eventually handle. This may require courts to have a lot more additional staff.

Also, the House version says that court assisted petitioner will be those that have less than P5M jointly or singly. As such, the House version makes free divorce available to a large segment of the population. This is laudable – but the court system must be ready to accept the large amount of cases that will result.

What are the Effects of Divorce?

Both bills allow the following:

  • Remarriage and the separation of property
  • Donations to a spouse can be revoked although the House version limits it to 5 years after the divorce while the Senate version is silent.
  • Inheritances are to be in accordance with the family code.
  • Children are legitimate, even those born 300 days after the divorce unless the ground was infidelity

Still there are differences.

The Senate version has no limit of the number of years for alimony. In addition, no parent will be awarded custody of a child if the ground used was any of the grounds under RA 9262 or if there was sentencing or a permanent protection order under the same law or if there was rape by one of the spouses be the other before marriage.

Meanwhile, the House version has a 3-year cap on alimony.

What are the Penalties, Reconciliation and Appeal clauses like?

The differences between the 2 bills are:

  • Reconciliation filed at the court terminates the divorce proceedings. However, the House version further adds that separation of property already effected is as is unless the spouses decide to revive their joint property regime.
  • If there was fraud in the divorce proceedings a fine of Php 200,000 is charged. However the Senate version adds a Php 100,000 – 300,000 fine if there are child support arrears in addition to unpaid support.
  • House versions are final and executory 15 days after the receipt of the parties of the decision or the denial of the motion for reconsideration except if appealed. The Senate version states that all are immediately executory but that child support, custody and alimony can be appealed and that the court can review these orders should there be a material change in circumstances.


While there are of course other changes, the biggest change is that the divorce bill now allows many of the usual reasons couples separate to be grounds for legally ending a marriage.

This is a major change to the Philippine family law landscape.

Annulment has been rising in recent years and illegitimate children now account for 49.2% of all births.

Cohabitation has also increased with Abalos postulating that “…the lack of a divorce law in the Philippines and the cost of the prohibitive cost of obtaining legal separation or annulment may have contributed to the rise of cohabitation in the country. For example, a study in Metro Manila revealed that one of the reasons why some respondents were cohabiting was that “one partner was already married”…”

These new bills make divorce now available to many couples.

If these bills become law, many people’s legal status will now mirror their reality.


  1. Frank Roe

    I pray that God will direct the people in the house and senate to come to terms and pass this divorce bill so the victims in a abusive marriage will be free and no longer be a prisoner in a marriage that is stained with unfaithfulness and be able to remarry and be happy once again with someone who truly loves them and honors their commitment to be faithful and be together till death as God says to do.

    • Stan

      Amen to that!!! Because of the expensive cost and corruption for annulment. I can’t marry someone who is there. It keeps true love from blossoming for both of us.

    • nhova

      AMEN TO THAT… please pass the divorce law the soonest..pra po s mga katulad q n inabandona ng 6 years ay pwede ring mkasal s taong tumanggap ng buo s amin ng anak q at sumusuporta sa mga pngarap q..para sa mga katulad ko na nahihirapan s kasalukuyan dhil s failed marriage na yan ay medyo gumaan gaan nmn ang pkiramdam… please bigyan nyo nmn kmi ng chance maging malaya at sumaya

      • Cj

        I hope it pass we been separated for 6 years force marriage because parents decisions kahit ayaw mo magulang nasunod ano nanyare wala din nasira lang ang buhay

    • Elmer

      good day po! Tanong ko po nag file po ako ng annulment since 2012 pa hanggang ngyn Wala pa result…mag 7 years na ang tagal ng resulta ng kaso. Anu po Han dahilan bakit tumatagal Ng Ganito at May paraan po ba nalaman if umuusad ang kaso ko . Thank you po.

      • Atty. Francesco Britanico

        Have you spoken to your lawyer?

        Each case can be different and your case facts will be pertinent in driving the case forward.

        As your lawyer knows your case well, it is important to speak with him to understand why the case has taken this amount of time.

  2. Zandra

    I will definitely vote senators and congressman who will help put this into law. As for our president this country is owned by Filipinos and not the Spaniards nor the Catholic Church. To put it simply change is constant. Certain things may happen that brutally makes marriage a living hell. As a woman and a sister and a friend of other women I want to put a stop and break free from this and either be with another person who can possibly be better or live solo and continue with life.

    • Lucy

      I hope the Divorce will pass to the Bill of Senate as it’s very important to the Citizens and the Annulment it’s very expensive.

  3. Mike

    I have no love or respect for the Catholic Church and it’s institution of marriage prison that unhappy people can never be released from. I feel this law is a justice for the people of the Philippines and very progressive, and I applaud you for making this change.

    • Lawyers in the Philippines

      Dear Mike:

      This is not yet law and is still in process.

      It may take considerable time still.

  4. Chona

    Hello po may tanong ako Divorced na po ako sa Sweden at Patay na din yong ex swedish ko. pwede na ba ako mag asawa? pls answer asap?

    • Lawyers in the Philippines

      Sent an email.

  5. Nomie

    I support the Divorced Bill. Annulment is so expensive that only with money can afford.

  6. Jerome

    I Support also divorced bill..because all deserves to be happy..God wants us to be happy..gusto Nya ung makakabuti satin. ung masaya tyo..ung bill n ito d nmn tinotolerate ang tao..kumbaga sa mga tulad nmn n ganitong sitwasyon..gusto ntng mgng malaya at mgng masaya

    • Ken

      I absolutely support this divorce bill, unfortunately many young women that have children get stuck unable to move forward with their lives because of the costs and time it takes for annulment. I have seen this first hand, the heartbreak of this law where wonderful men and women meet other individuals and try to move forward in different countries yet because of the costs and time it takes for the annulment many miss the opportunity to marry again and loose the person they may deeply love because either the costs or the amount of time it takes for the annulment, These laws are not much different than being placed in jail for a crime you may have never committed. In return this can prevent loving couples from being together because of the cost and time it takes to process which in return can stop some loving couples from pursuing a lasting and loving marriage. Please update us on the results if the law has been passed in June because it is way overdue.

  7. Jojo

    I have been separated for 10 yrs and I’m suffering because annulment of marriage is very hard to achieve. Senate should pass this into law and the president should support and sign it so that all irreconcilable marriage like mine can be dissolved

    • John

      We have the same situation. I hope this Divorce Bill will pass so that I can move on!

    • Dean

      It is the same for many of my friends as well. Like being held in a prison for the actions of another. A prison that one can never leave.

  8. Dean

    It is a travesty that only the rich can get legal separation or annulment. Fix this with this Divorce Bill. Let even to poor move on to a better life.

    • Lawyers in the Philippines

      Legal separation is a type of court case that does not allow remarriage.

      Annulment is the only real option if you wish to remarry.

      • cesar

        Yes, annulment is the only real option if you wish to remarry but annulment is very expensive that poor people can not afford.

      • LYN

        can you give us legal advise about annulment? because i been separated more than 15 years with my ex wife. And I;m working as OFW . I want to file an annulment, Can i file annulment while im here in abroad? What should i do first? thank you very much. please send to my email for the answers and what is the procedure. thank you.

      • Atty. Francesco Britancio

        Sent an email.

  9. Marvin Cunanan

    I hope this bill will pass soon. I think there is no sense not allowing the divorce in the Philippines while most countries allow it and most of the countries are also Catholics. Let’s just face the reality that not all relations are ending up good. We all wish that, but sadly it does not happen all the time. To those people against it, let me tell you this, if your happy with your relationship, no one is forcing you to divorce your spouse. But please other people to be happy as well.

  10. Angela noche

    How can you know if your legally seperated?

    • Lawyers in the Philippines

      Order your CENOMAR from the PSA. It should report your status there.

  11. klarita celino

    I hope that this bill will be approved.Why stay in a relationship that causing you emotional distress and be in a miserable life. Every one deserves to be happy. Even the Old and New Testaments of the Bible allow divorce because there’s no reason to be with someone who’s causing you unhappiness and pain. Imagine seeing that person everyday of your life and get reminded of the reason why you’re broke. It’s a torture. Definitely.

  12. Neliza

    Let it be passed pls. Help the poor and women that cannot move on from abusive and painful marriage.

  13. Opel

    I hope this bill will become law. Freedom for the broken marriages. It’s time for Philippines to change to better.

  14. Catwoman

    I hope this will be finalized, been separated for 17 years now and haven’t got any child support from ex-husband also. He’s got his own family now. Personally, I wanna move forward as well.

  15. Anonymous

    I hope this bill will be approved the soonest.It would help a lot of people who have been separated for a long time just like me.I have been separated for 8 yrs now and im only 36yo not even legally separated as it is very expensive and life torturing to file one here in our country.I have a child that is very understanding and loving and always wishes that both “us”her parents will be truly happy.Her father and i are not best of friends but when it comes to our child we talk and plans for her future.All im saying is there is no reason to not make this bill a law if the president worries for the children .Children knows well when their parents are happy or not and they will certainly rather not choose seeing their parents living together unhappy.Making a law to legally separate people from unhealthy relationship is giving them a chance to live happily and be with someone who they truly love will also save them having a hurtful and disrespectful separation from their husbands/wife because of the horrible process of annulmemt.

    • Lawyers in the Philippines

      In most cases, annulment is really the only option to end a marriage and remarry again.

  16. May Crisostomo

    I hope that this bill be approved the soonest. Not all marriage end up with happy marriage, allow both parties to move on.

  17. rose

    I hope this bill will be approved soonest. Give freedom for those marriages failed and they found a right one. Annulment is for riches person only. It is better to have divorced than committing bigamy or live together illegal.

  18. Maria

    I really hope and pray that divorse bill will be approved the soonest, i am separated for almost 20 years now and cannot do anything. Annulment takes a lot of money where not all can afford,.It’s time for our country to change.

  19. Marcelina

    I have been, separated for almost 19 years now, I want to be free! It is better to have DIVORCE BILL
    I cannot afford annullment fee . Is this only for those who can afford to be FREE? WHAT about us
    mananatili na lang ba kaming walang kalayaan, at mabuhay din na masaya? Sana din po walang
    babayarang malaki kong maipasa man ang DIVOURCE BILL.

  20. Marilou

    I didn’t thought my marriage with a foreign national (japanese) will end up to separation. As far as I’m concern i did my part as a housewife & partner, feel in love, trusted. Dreamed of a happy marriage. I even disregarded oftenly my own needs but still in the end I am the one suffering. We never did married by church but by judge of course. Came back home to my homeland, Philippines to start a new life from ZERO. I mean zero, emotionally & financially. To forget every single pain I’ve been through. Sipag, tiyaga at diskarte lang. Kailangan kong bumangon e. Kahit halos mamatay na ako sa sobrang depression. But I stood up. Fight for me to move on. Now that we are separated for 15 years & was divorced for 7 years in his country, still I am married to him according to our homeland. While he’s single & flies like a butterfly. I got my work here just enough to suffice my basic needs. Finally after those long years was able to contact him & asked for that piece of paper issued form their country (divorce paper) to be filed for recognition of foreign divorce. I don’t have enough money to afford the expenses & everything. No financial support from him to accomplish this mess. So please, please. I am one of those your “kapwa pilipino” na nakikiusap na maisakatuparan ang bill na ito. Nakikiusap din sa ating presidente na sang ayunan po ito. DINGGIN NYO PO ANG AMING HINAING.

  21. Lucy Supe

    i support the DIVORCE BILL IN THE PHILIPPINES that it should be approved to become a LAW so everyone who suffered from their marriage will be free. As I myself i wanted my mind to be free that i could do freely what i really wanted to do in my life.

  22. Mary

    I was been separated for 8years.and until now I i am a prison of that marriage that was been decided by my parents. And i meet the man i truly love.but then we cant marry coz divorce is not allowed here.. Women are being abuse physically and emotionally by their husband. Its time for us to protect women and child from the abusive husband.. And to have a real happiness to the person we really love.

  23. Babelyn

    I really hope and pray that this Bill will be approve, I’m also a victim of unhappy marriage and wanting to be happy again someday.

    • Pete

      “hope and pray” unfortunately can’t help, at least in cases like this. You must take a legal action to protect your self, all of you Filipinos. Let those who make these laws know you, The People are the ones who’s voice must be heard and respect your wants and needs, not other way around.

      VOTE, but only those who are willing to be on your, The Peoples side!

  24. BrokenAngel

    Been separated for 9 years, even from beginning that he had been infidel all the time. He never supported our kids, having girlfriend everywhere he worked. I am so tired of this bound cannot be broken due to the legality. Having name as spouse, but never been a husband and father. Hopefully this bill can be finalised and passed as a law. Annulment is really too costly and time consuming.

  25. Victoria

    I am hoping that the Bill will be approve soon. Been separated for 11 years, due to no financial contribution because he never worked, infidelity and alcoholism of my ex from the start of the marriage that lasted 16 years. We have four children and I was able to raise them properly and sent them to the best school. One of the kids will soon finish Doctor of Medicine, but filling an annulment is too costly for me specially that three of the kids are still studying. I have inherited several properties from my parents being an only child and I fear that if something happens to me my ex will get and gain from all the properties and business that my family has acquired from hard work. Approval of the Bill will help not only me but thousands of single moms in the country who had worked so much for their children.

  26. Cindy

    I separated myself from my ex-husband who is an American citizen. If I stayed with him, I would have suffered emotionally,mentally,and even physically. Although my divorce was already approved here in the US; still,I feel I am not free when I return to the Philippines. There is that feeling that you are still a prisoner of your past because divorce law is still not recognized in the Philippines. I am still married in the Philippines. Many Filipinos suffer from abuse abroad and it seems that officials do not consider the pain and impact of the situation that we fellow Filipino citizens need to be free and whole again. The country has to be open to the sad and painful realities of many Filipinas who suffer in the hands of non-Filipino citizens. We are now literally left behind because of closed minds. Are Filipinos not given a chance to start a new life and to be totally free from their painful past? We hope and pray that this divorce bill will be legalized soon to safeguard the future and emotional well being of those women who have suffered,including me. Everybody deserves to be free.Mr. President and government officials, please open your ears and eyes to what is happening to a LOT of women abroad.This is our only hope so we will not be enslaved to our past. Please be open minded for the sake of our future.

    • Atty. Francesco Britancio

      Sent you an email.

      • Rachel

        I hope the divorced bill will be approved,We all can be free and not suffer life anymore…Not all marriage ending with the happy life and understanding…

  27. anna

    to senate

    ako po si anna hindi ko po tunay na pangalan ang mga magulang ko po ay kinasal at may tatlong anak pero nagsasama lang po sila dahil kasal sila hindi dahil mahal nila ang isa’t isa wala silang pera na pang annulled dahil alam nilang mahal yun nagyayari nagkaksala lang sila sa bawat isa ang papa ko po ay mahal naman si mama pero si mama hindi nya mahal si papa sa mga nangyayari kaming mga anak bila ang naaapektuhan ayaw man namin na maghiwalay sila pero yun ang dapat mangyari sana po ipasa nyo na lang ang divorce bill. ayokong lalong maapektuhan ang buhay ng mga kapatid ko. at ayoko na din na laging tinatakot ni papa si mama na ipapakulong nya si mama sa tuwing iinit ang ulo ni papa o kya ay tatanggihan sya ni mama sa tuwing gusto ni papa na may mangyari sa kanila opo nagkamali si mama pero mali ang pilitin ang isang babae na makipagtalik at gamitan ito ng pananakot o panggigipit.

  28. shee

    Im working as an ofw and been separated for almost 10 years now, we got one son (15 years old) and he is with me in abroad too.
    I never get any financial aid from his since then. Now he got his own family with 2 kids in our home country. Is having kids and new family will be enough ground to file a case? Please advise.


    • Atty. Francesco Britancio

      Sent an email.

  29. jonalyn

    sana nga this bill will approve ASAP ! para maging legal sa mata ng tao ang dalawang taong mabibigyan pa ng pagkakataong lumigaya,

  30. Bob

    Has the bill been passed?

    • Atty. Francesco Britancio

      It has not been passed.

  31. Carlos

    Been together with my Philippine girlfriend now for 6 years but unfortunately her annulment was denied twice by the civil court judge. Our next step was to file her case to the courts of appeal. So my question is, what are the odds the appeal court will grant her petition or deny it? can anyone tell me if there’s any hope for me and my girlfriend that the Philippine court of appeal will reverse the decision by the civil judge and grant her the annulment or is there no hope and her appeal will be denied. If anyone can answer my question please help me.

    • Atty. Francesco Britancio

      Dear Carlos:

      I am truly sorry for the situation.

      It depends on what was written in the decision.

      Consult your girlfriend’s lawyer as he is more familiar with the facts and the decision and can answer you as to how successful the case may be.

      • Carlos

        Thank you for replying Atty. Britancio. Have you ever had to file an annulment case that was denied by the civil courts through the court of appeals? I was told by other Philippine lawyers that it’s basically impossible that my girlfriend will have her case approved and basically not to even file it. But we had to do it and not give up. So my question to you Mr. Britancio is. If the court of appeal does deny my girlfriend her case is there anything else that can be done or are me and my girlfriend basically out of options? Can she file for annulment again under different grounds or maybe fight the decision made by the court of appeal.

      • Atty. Francesco Britancio

        If the case was dismissed on its merits, then an Annulment filed again will likely not succeed and the couple will remain married.

        If it was dismissed for other reasons, then it may be possible to refile.

        There is too little information to provide information.

      • Carlos

        After almost 5 years of court appearances and postponed court dates and change of judges the last judge ruled that my girlfriend didn’t show enough proof that her husband was abusive enough even with the testimony of my girlfriend and her brother. I mean how much abuse does a judge need to see in order to believe that there was spousal abuse and psychological abuse. So that’s the reason why my girlfriend first annulment case was denied. She then filed for reconsideration to show one more time to the judge that in fact my girlfriend husband was physically abusing her and mentally and even move out leaving my girlfriend alone with her one year old son. But once again the judge denied her, this time because the judge said she didn’t find the testimony of my girlfriend and her brother credible even though the judge did believe the testimony of the psychiatrist who testified on behalf of my girlfriend. So how can a judge who only heard the last 4 months of my girlfriends case believe the testimony of a professional psychiatrist but not the testimony of my girlfriend and her brother who witnessed the physical abuse that was done to my girlfriend by her husband. So Atty. Britancio hope that clears some questions and may help you determine if there is any chance that the court of appeals may grant my girlfriend her annulment or reverse the original decision made by the civil judge who denied my girlfriend annulment. Thank you for your time once again and for your personal feedback.

      • Atty. Francesco Britancio

        Dear Carlos:

        This provides context.

        Have you spoken to your girlfriend’s attorney about this?

        Please do approach him. He is close to the facts and may be able to explain what is going in specifically.

        Remember, the exact wording of the decision will matter. This and other details will determine what can be done.

    • Carlos

      My girlfriend just asked me about Deletion of marriage and if I knew what that was. I said yes and she told me that since her annulment was already denied twice that she heard about some lawyer or agency that can help her delete her marriage certificate so that it would show she was never married. From what I know and read about Philippine divorce laws they say there is no way to delete marriage records from the system. Can anyone tell me if this lawyer my girlfriend is talking about is offering to do something illegal? Or is it possible they can erase any records that shows she was ever married, she was only married through civil weddings not church. If anyone can clear this for me I would really appreciate it, thank you.

      • Atty. Francesco Britanico

        It is impossible to delete a marriage record.

        There are only 2 people who can and they are very, very high up in the PSA.

        This is a scam.

        I am very sorry to hear about your girlfriend’s case.

        This is why I recommend that people go to a good quality annulment lawyer as there are many fixers and middlemen who promise a quickie cheap annulment. This often cuts corners as annulment requires stringent proof to comply with psychological incapacity.

        If an annulment is denied on its grounds, it cannot be refiled again and her marriage will not end.

  32. J Ruffin

    One last comment, and mark my words, even if this divorce bill does pass eventually, they will make it so costly to get the divorce, it won’t even matter to the majority who don’t have P200,000 laying around. They will be stuck in the same boat they have been for many years with still no recourse.

    • Carlos

      Dear J RUFFIN. If I’m not mistaken and this divorce law is passed it not only makes divorce legal but part of the bill consists of making it cheaper so people who do apply for divorce or annulment can afford it. The biggest problem will not be money it will be the time it will take the courts to grant the divorce. Right now it takes anywhere from one to 4 years to even get a decision by the civil courts. So just imagine if this law does pass, and I pray it does, the courts will see a overloaded with divorce cases and there’s just not enough judges.

  33. Tessie

    I support this divorce bill

  34. Liz

    Please I hope this bill will be approved soon .. it will be a big help for us specially OFWs

  35. Randy

    I’m in a similar situation as Carlos. We tried for over a year for annulment in one area, but after the second hearing the lawyer knew that the judge was going to deny it. All that time and money wasted, not to mention the heartache and emotional toll on my partner and her friends and family. We looked at trying to start the process all over again in another area after we finally got the dismissal approved but it was going to be even more expensive and over 3 years. My partner and I have been together for over 4 years and have a son together. I get to see him maybe once a year. She has been separated from her husband for roughly 6 years and all family involved want the annulment to go forward. The husband did not contend the case. Because of the OSG the annulment process is set up against granting them on purpose. I pray that enough people stand up to get this passed. So many people are suffering horribly in the Philiipines. For me, I don’t know what I can do. I live alone; separated from my family whom I love and adore more than anything in this world.

  36. Jai

    Any updates about this bill? The last time I heard was last September during the senate hearing and why we haven’t heard any updates then?

    • Atty. Francesco Britanico

      It has not yet moved.

  37. Morena


    I have been separated with my ex husband since 2014 and now I am living in Sweden and was granted citizenship. I divorced my Filipino husband from here but I was still a Filipino citizen when my divorced was granted here. Would I be eligible for that process where Philippine govt will recognize my status as such even in Philippines?

    • Atty. Francesco Britanico

      I will send you an email.


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