A small plant growing to symbolize how estate planning is preparing for the future.

Wills and Inheritance

The Office helps estate planners create valid, well thought out wills. Additionally , it helps beneficiaries understand the laws governing inheritances in intestate (with a will) & testate (without a will) situations. Read More

A grey calculator with small printer to symbolize the estate taxes that need to be paid on any inheritance.

Estate Taxes

Estate planners and heirs and must understand applicable taxes to comply with legal obligations upon inheritance and to correctly plan an estate to maximize benefits and preserve wealth. Read More

A red graph with a white arrow showing the growth of an estate's assets.

Trusts and Wealth Management

Often, the owner of the assets may want to set up a trust so that the assets and its benefits are used in accordance with his wishes. The correct strategy may involve a variety of approaches Read More

Legal Resources on Estate

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Reprobate of wills in the Philippines

Reprobate of wills in the Philippines

Philippine law requires that a will must be proved and allowed by the proper court in order for it to pass real or personal property.[1] This means that all wills must go through probate in order for them to transfer property from...

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