Marriage & Prenups

By understanding the legal requirements of marriage and marriage property, partners are better prepared for marriage. It also sets expectations and protects both sides in case of the dissolution of the marriage. Read More

Unlocked heart shape lock to denote the dissolution of a Philippine marriage.

Annulment & Other Separations

Several avenues are available to dissolve a Philippine marriage, with the course chosen dependent on the circumstances of the case. Legal separation can also be availed of to divide conjugal property. Read More

Recognition of Foreign Divorce

A foreign divorce obtained by a foreigner spouse can be recognized in the Philippines. This allows both spouses to avoid legal, property and other issues and to remarry in the Philippines. Read More


To ensure guardianship rights are legally enforceable, it is best to have any adoption legalized. This allows prospective parents peace of mind and adoptive children all the rights of natural born children. Read More

Marriage Property

During a separation, people often ask how marriage property is divided. Philippine law is very clear on marriage property and sets down specific guidelines. Read More

Custody and Support

After a marriage ends, questions about child custody children, support and property issues are major concerns. Formalizing the agreement clarifies each person’s rights and avoids future difficulty. Read More

PSA Issues, Naturalization & Others

Birth certificates, immigration or documents for other major life events need to be addressed quickly to ensure that future issues to not arise. While others may need a lawyer, there are some you can correct yourself. Read More

Legal Resources on Family

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Is Bigamy ground for Annulment?

Is Bigamy ground for Annulment?

  If your spouse was already married when he married you, then you are in a bigamous marriage. A bigamous marriage is void. A bigamous marriage can be ended by going to court and presenting proof that your spouse was already married at the...

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Conjugal Property

Conjugal Property

Conjugal property is property that belongs to both spouses. When you marry, part or all of your property becomes conjugal property. Part or all of your spouse’s property also becomes conjugal property. Conjugal property can be formed in the...

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