Philippine Estate Taxes 2018

Wondering how Philippine Estate Taxes will impact your inheritance? This post answers those questions as I explain the current 2018 Philippine TRAIN estate taxes and provide sample computations. Contents Estate Tax Introduction What is a gross estate and how is it valued? Allowable Deductions for Citizens Allowable Deductions for Non Resident Aliens Computation Unmarried Decedent, 30M … Continue reading Philippine Estate Taxes 2018

Philippine inheritance and foreign wills

The interplay of Philippine and foreign laws with regard to inheritance deserves more attention. What follows are introductory considerations for estate or succession cases involving both Philippine and foreign elements .   Contents How do people inherit property in the Philippines? How is the property divided if there is no will? What is a last … Continue reading Philippine inheritance and foreign wills

Husband, wife and a joint last will and testament

Married people get used to making decisions about their family together. It becomes natural then, for them to talk about what they want to leave behind for their kids when they’ve both passed away. They often feel that they want to make this decision together too. But here they should be careful. If the spouses … Continue reading Husband, wife and a joint last will and testament


Provisions on disinheritance in the Civil Code of the Philippines Discussed in: Excluded heirs and disinherited children Article 915. A compulsory heir may, in consequence of disinheritance, be deprived of his legitime, for causes expressly stated by law. (848a) Article 916. Disinheritance can be effected only through a will wherein the legal cause therefor shall … Continue reading Disinheritance

Excluded heirs and disinherited children

A father died and left behind property. In his last will and testament, he allotted all his property to his daughters. The father also left behind a son, but the son was not left anything in the will. He was not even mentioned in the will. Can the son question the will and have a … Continue reading Excluded heirs and disinherited children